Welcome to Taste of Bhutan

A curated shop for authentic, organic and natural goods from Bhutan

Taste of Bhutan is born from our desire to connect passionate artisans and producers of Bhutan to the rest of the world. We want to give crafts makers and farmers of our community an additional source of income, especially at a time like now where our country is in lockdown and, the borders are closed to foreigners. Provided with enough income, the artisans are enabled to take ownership of their future, and are empowered to preserve their cultural heritage.

Our country, Bhutan, is very unique. It has gained exposure over the years for its ability to preserve its culture, its nature and its authenticity while opening to the outside world and welcoming tourists. Bhutan is still the only-carbon negative nation is the world, and is on its way to become fully organic. Here in Bhutan, our air is pure, our land preserved, and slow living isn’t just a trend, it’s a philosophy of life anchored deep into our society and its governance.
And we want to share just that. A selection of authentic, organic, natural goods. Made with respect for our land and its people, with food that taste without enhancers, textiles that have been naturally dyed, and savoir-faire passed down from our ancestors.

Each purchase positively impacts the livelihoods of the artisans you buy from

With a wide selection of goods ranging from wood carving to cane weaving to beer crafting, we can guarantee you that the Arts and Crafts of Bhutan has something for everyone.


In today’s world, traditional crafts and indigenous methods for making are being lost every day. We believe that supporting local craftspeople will mean preserving our savoir-faire, our culture and our community. With more local industries and access to the global market, small communities can thrive economically, encouraging younger people to remain in their villages – so that traditions and skills of the regions can continue to be passed down through generations.
We want to help celebrate and preserve the artisan’s cultural heritage by sharing their creation.

We are conscience minded. We care about our planet. We care about its people.


Bhutan is known for its effort in nature preservation. It is currently the only carbon sink in the world and has pledge to become fully organic .  We, at that of Bhutan, wish to be a part of this movement. We carefully select each product we are selling, making sure it has been produced or crafted responsibly and will have no negative impact on the Nature of our country.

With no chemicals and an effort to preserve our land, we can guarantee you that our products taste and smell better. And while our country might not be 100 % organic yet, there are a lot of initiatives to get there from  using natural dyes for coloring textiles to promoting  crop rotation.

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