Druk Yathra

Druk Yathra is a family business based in Bumthang in central Bhutan.
They mainly focus on Traditional dyeing and Yathra production.
Created by their father, Mr. Thokmed Yeshey in the ’80s, the idea was to provide to the people of Bumthang the opportunities to earn wages in order to meet their basic needs.
Bumthang is known as a hub for textiles, it was also the occasion to try to preserve and promote our culture and tradition by gathering old pieces and by adapting weaving to contemporary designs.
The mother has always been a passionate dyer and weaver, she started learning at the age of twelve. She used to weave
on different types of looms and learned traditional dyeing from her mother.
She has become a well-known Textile Designer and a teacher to the weavers of the Druk Yathra studio. Her
aim has always been to keep the dyeing and weaving traditions alive. She also used to share her knowledge and skills with the people in the community.

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