Tsé Organics

Tsé Organics is a Bhutanese skincare brand founded on the belief that creating a balance with the elements of nature is essential for wellness. With their ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, Tsé Organics brings unique luxury oil blends and skin products that are safe and non-toxic for the skin. Their products are inspired by the wisdom from the ancient Buddhist system of medicine and made with contemporary and modern technology to create a superior exclusive experience. Tsé Organics presents five signature blends inspired by the five Tantric Buddhist elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space. These five elements and their energies are believed in Tantric Buddhism to live within us, connected to our chakras, and related to our emotions, mind, body, and character. Tsé Organics is committed to giving back to our communities by setting aside a percentage of profits for supporting the sustainable livelihood of women farmers in Bhutan.

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