arts and crafts of Bhutan
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The traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan

Bhutanese arts and crafts are known for their bold use of colours, exquisite attention to detail and symmetry. Portraying deities, plants and animals and more, art is used to decorate the homes, temples and everyday objects of the Bhutanese people. From the Buddhists monks making intricate sand mandalas to the woodworker carving a garish mask,

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Nado Poizokhang incense powder burning

Bhutan Best kept wellness secret is making headline in UK

One of the oldest Buddhist arts, incense-making is a tradition following strict methods which are centuries old. Buddhists use incense as a sacred devotional offering. Incense is also used in Tibetan medicine, which is regarded as one of the “Four Great Traditional Medicines” in the world. In Bhutan, a small factory called Nado Poizokhang is

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We are Hiring - Website manager

We are Hiring

We are Hiring a Website Manager. If you have a strong technical background, an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Get in Touch with us !

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The amazing health benefits of seabuckthorn

The amazing health benefits of Sea Buckthorn

With high amounts of protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the sea buckthorn berry is a powerful food. Sea buckthorn berries are small, bright orange or yellow fruits which grow on shrubs at high altitudes in the Himalayan region where the locals often referred to it as the ‘holy fruit’. While the sea buckthorn plant

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Top 10 things to buy online from Bhutan
Shopping Guide

Top 10 Things to Buy Online From Bhutan in 2021

If you can’t travel all the way here to scoop the markets and visit local artisans’ atelier, you can always bring a taste of Bhutan to your home by buying some of the most sought-after Bhutanese products directly on our website. We ship worldwide and always ensure proper package tracking for peace of mind.

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