Nado PoiZokhang

Nado Poizokhang produces some of the world’s finest and most sought-after Himalayan incense blends. Its notoriety in the niche world of incense led the BBC to publish an article about Bhutan’s 350-year-old recipe for wellbeing, Nado happiness incense

Mr. Nado’s core recipe, best presented in grades A-C, is a closely guarded secret known only to him and his daughter Lamdön. The formula is based on ancient recipes from both the Nyingma and Drukpa Kagyu schools, but Nado’s unique take has earned his premium line the respect of even the most discerning incense connoisseurs.

The majority of the ingredients are sourced from nomadic yak-herders, who maintain a close relationship with the natural cycles of their environment. He also works with community-based projects in Bhutan on the sustainable management of medicinal plants, supporting the training of wildcrafters in sustainable collection and cultivation methods.

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